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B8LAB 5 Inch USM Bluegill Flash

Category: Softbaits
B8LAB, USM, Ultimate Strike Minnow, Pike Lure
Manufacturer: B8LAB
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B8LAB 5 Inch USM Bluegill Flash
+++ New Arrival: The Ultimate Strike Minnow from b8lab! +++

The 5 inch ULTIMATE STRIKE MINNOW is designed to be one of the best and most versitile paddle tail soft plastics on the market. The USM‘s deadly action and state of the art features, such as hook marks for quick rigging and fold slits for improved hook up rates, make this bait a a must have for both pros and beginners alike!


- Irresistable swimming action
- Fold slits to increase hook-up rates
- Hook marks for quick rigging
- Belly slit for easy offset hook rigging
- XTREME Squid Aroma
- Action tail and ribs

Each pack of Ultimate Strike Minnows comes flavored with our Ultimate Strike XTREME SQUID SCENT – a catch enhancing flavor aimed to get the „big ones“ to strike!

Fold Slits increase Hook-UP-Ratio

When predators inhale baits, they usually suck them up in
a way that folds the lure in half during the strike. We‘ve included two slits on each side of the USM that allow the soft plastic to be folded
a: easier than other lures and
b: exactly where the hook is to guarantee maximum success when setting the hook during a strike.

Hook Marks for quick rigging

n the back of the U.S.M. you will find two pre-marked spots.
These spots let you know where exactly your (jig)hook has to exit the lure while rigging to make sure it perfectly on the (jig)hook. The first hook mark is for 2/0 size (jig)hooks, the second hook mark for 3/0 size (jig)hooks. Thanks to this special feature, you no longer have to damage your lure by marking it the with the tip of your hook!

Xtreme Flavor

We have added our catch proven Xtreme squid flavor to make the U.S. Minnow even more enticing to large predators. This special combination of highly effective scents and flavors will keep you catching long after the competition has headed back to shore! Our flavored lures leave a distinct scent trail that allows fish to pick up on and follow the lure – even in murky water. 5 BAITS PER PACK
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